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Why Onstar Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

The lists of pests and vermin that can invade your home, yard, garage and basement is a nightmare list of all things creepy crawly, including  (in alphabetical order) everything from ants, beetles, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, house centipedes, mice, rats, silverfish, slugs, sow or roly-poly bugs, snails, spiders, ticks, wasps and weevils.  Plus a few more that are not even listed!

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Commercial Pest Control

Our Commercial Services are tailored to meet your unique situation, so no matter what type of business you operate. we are prepared to address it. Upon initial treatment, moving forward to remain pest and rodent free, we suggest a preventative maintenance program, which can be explained in detail by any of our professionals. We provide solutions for commercial properties such as: Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Grocery Stores, Day Cares, Convenient Stores, and more..

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# 1 Trusted Oakdale Pest Control Since 1998!

Our company has proudly served pest control solutions to the residents of all Stanislaus County; Oakdale, Escalon, Manteca, Riverbank, and surrounding areas since 1998, helping keep your homes, businesses and commercial properties pest free. Our area of service extends to the surrounding counties of San Joaquin and Stanislaus.

If you are like most homeowners, you know that your home is your single largest investment. Allowing pests such as rodents, termites or other pests to literally undermine you and your foundation is unacceptable, especially when a simple call to us can remedy the situation. Don’t let them eat you out of house and home. Contact us before an initial invasion becomes a costly repair.

Once we have your current pest infestation under control, choose one of our affordable Oakdale pest control maintenance programs to help keep your home or business pest free.

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    What Our Customers Think About Our Services


    "Dan has treated our homes for almost twenty years and we have always been extremely satisfied with the results, service and the price of pest control. Dan and Onstar Pest Control have always been there if we had any problems between service calls."

    ~ Ron and Lisa Martin ~

    "Dan & Onstar Pest Control have been providing excellent service since 1998. We live in the country and Dan sprays our dog kennels and horse stalls as well as the house. Whenever we have an attack of stink bugs or gnats Dan will be right there to take care of the problem. Onstar is dependable and efficient we recommend them highly."

    ~ Bill & Debby Sanguinetti ~

    "Onstar Pest Control, Inc. has been spraying my property from the start of the company’s existence. The owner Mr. Dan Eskew, is a kind honorable man who stands behind his work. Dan sprays for me every other month and in between spraying if I see any creepy crawlers I make one phone call and someone is out to my house within a couple of days if not sooner. I honestly cannot think of one complaint, only compliments.
    Bottom line is if you are looking for a quality pest control service provider, a company you can trust then Onstar Pest Control, Inc. is the business you have been looking for"

    ~ Debbie Haley ~

    "Onstar Pest Control is the best around!!! We live in the country and the company we used previously was no match for Onstar. Onstar Pest Control has rid our home completely of spiders and those pesky beetles that seem to be everywhere. They have done a fantastic job at keeping mice away as well. They also do a great job of keeping the wasps around our house at bay, by spraying and knocking down nests. It really helps! Their customer service is unbelievable. Our service tech is honest, dependable, friendly, and always professional. He is also very mindful of our pets. We couldn't ask for better! Thanks Onstar for making country living even better!!!!"

    ~ The Soares Family ~

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    Onstar Pest Control Solution Process

    Upon arrival to your home or business our representative will proceed to Inspect Property, Identify Infestation (pest), Discuss Treatment Options, and Suggest Best Maintenance Program moving forward to remain pest and rodent free.

    1. Inspect Property

    2. Identify Pest

    3. Discuss Treatment Solutions

    4. Explain Benefits of Maintenance Program

    Integrated Pest Management

    As stated by The University of California at Davis, Integrated Pest Management is a process used to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.” When you put it that way, aren't you glad that this is the philosophy Onstar uses in treating your pest or vermin infestation. We do not expect you to be the expert on Integrated Pest Management, but we bet you understand the importance of calling in the experts at Onstar. Our knowledgeable and trained staff will take it from there. Contact our pest control experts for more info today.

    An Organic Solution for Pest Control

    Green pest control solutions

    Our company prides itself in offering organic material solutions to rid you of pests and keep them away. If you have a home with children and pets, the last thing you need is to be using poison where they sleep and play. The first part of any pest control solution is to find the pests, identify them, and use the best & fastest means to control them. Our maintenance programs are designed to keep them gone, for good.

    We are the Experts in Pest Control Solutions

    We are experts at offering effective barriers to prevent entry into your home, garage or basement.  Every year we perform more than 2000 service calls, and we don’t regard any of them as merely routine. Our satisfaction rate averages a remarkable 98%. If you happen to be among the 2% who has an issue, we will work diligently with you to resolve it, including refunding your last maintenance program fee if warranted.

    Customer Satisfaction Rate
    Remarkable 98%
    2,000 Service Calls Per Year Since 1998
    Approximite Guess of Service Calls to Date: From 1998 to 2019 = 40,000 and Counting!

    Why Our Customers Continue To Refer Us
    To Family & Friends

    • Family Owned & Operated Since 1998
    • Safe Green Pest / Pet Friendly Products
    • Trusted Team of Professionals
    • Local and Community Members
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    Our Pest Control Solutions for Pests, Rodents, and Insects


    There are many varieties of Wasps, including Paper, Fig, Cuckoo and Parasitoid.

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    There is no denying that they are regarded as a major pest to most home owners.

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    Rats by their very size can be terrifying, and they can carry harmful or deadly diseases.

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    Onstar Pest Control recognizes the importance of adhering to the very highest standard of knowledge, technology, and professionalism in our dealings with you, our customer. If we fail to give you the best service, consistently, and the best maintenance programs available on the market, we will not thrive and grow as a company.

    Our professionals are not only trained in the latest techniques, but they pass an intensive security background check before we allow them access to your home or your business. We want you to be assured that your choosing our company is the best decision you can make.


    Locally Owned & Family Operated since 1998

    Our company has been family owned and controlled since 1998, offering our residential & commercial clients a wide range of pest control programs throughout the San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties. We find it refreshing to do business with our neighbors, knowing that they live in the same community that we do.

    We pride ourselves on providing the most technologically advanced means of eradicating pests, including the use of effective non-toxic solutions and prevention technologies. Our professionals take pride in arriving promptly, addressing your situation accordingly, while we rid you of undesirable residents. Our maintenance programs are both effective and offered at a competitive price.  

    We appreciate your business and Reviews feedback.

    ~ Thanks from Onstar Pest Control ~

    Readers Choice Award, #1 Central Valley Pest Control.

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    Onstar Pest Control

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