Killing Ants Near Modesto California

How to Kill Ants In Modesto, CA

Modesto Ants are very annoying pets, you can find it in your kitchen, in your living room, in your bathroom and any part of your home. Ants come in the smallest cracks or crevices in doors, windows as well as in the foundation of your home. Poisons as well as pesticide will eradicate the ants, on the other hand they aren’t healthy and good most essential if you have kids or pets around and not also advisable to use in your kitchen. There are many safe ways on how to kill ants for households which have pets and children.

Here is what required for two ways of eradicating ants safely, quickly as well as effectively.

Method #1: You will need some vinegar, small spray, water, and black pepper as well as paper towels.

Method #2: You will need a paper plate, syrup, sidewalk chalk as well as powdered boric acid.

  • Combine equal parts of vinegar and water and transfer it into a small spray bottle. Fill at least two bottles and keep them. You can use this solution anytime you see ants.
  • Spray ants the moment they are visible in any part of your home with the water and vinegar mixture. The vinegar exterminates ants cleanly as well as quickly. No pesticides required and to clear them up, all you have to do is to wipe them using a paper tower and dispose.
  • Find a trail of ants outside and inside. Spray with the solution. Dust the trail with black pepper in order to avoid from taking the same way into your home. Follow the ants as they go back to their home and dust more black pepper within and around their nest. This will keep the ants away from their home and will also lessen their numbers.
  • The ants will go back to their nest, spray them with the solution you’ve made. Pour boiling water down the holes to kill or drown any remaining ants.
  • Another pet and child friendly approach to eliminate ants within and around your home is through the use of boric acid as well as side walk chalk. Boric acid is extremely toxic to ants and a couple of grains of dust could kill the colony safely and fast.
  • Put a dot of maple syrup in the middle of a paper plate. Dust a line of boric acid in the syrup. Ants walk in the powder and will take it back to their nest, killing the entire colony.
  • Make a line within or around your home foundation with sidewalk chalk the moment ants are all out.
  • Make sure to draw a thick line without breaks as this line will avoid ants from entering your home.

There are many ways on how to kill ants to stop infestation, but listed above are just two of the many effective, reliable as well as safe approaches. In case you try many techniques, but still there is a sign of ants infestation, it is highly advisable to call a Modesto professional exterminator company.


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