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 Facts About This Pest

Cockroaches are known carriers of serious diseases, such as, salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and other stomach complaint organisms.

Although sanitation and hygiene are important deterrents, even the cleanest homes become infested with cockroaches

If you see cockroaches in your home during the day, you have a serious problem.

Why Onstar Pest Control?

Controlling Cockroaches In Modesto, Oakdale, & Manteca Since 1998

Most homeowners recognize that seeing a cockroach scurrying across their kitchen counter or across their bathroom floor is not a good thing, but they may not realize just how serious a health threat this vermin can present to their families. You may have heard of the American Cockroach or the German Cockroach, but have you heard of Staphylococcus, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella or Streptococcus?  All of these diseases are bacteria borne and found on the legs and bodies of the cockroach.  When you see them, they are depositing this bacteria on your counters and floors, and you definitely need to rid your home of this carrier before they infect your family.

One of the most distressing realities of a cockroach infestation is the necessity of sterilizing ALL of your food preparation areas before each and every meal, as the cockroaches deposit bacteria everywhere they run, every one of them, every time.  That means before breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desert you need to disinfect. Everything, every time.

It is imperative that you contact, IMMEDIATELY, a reliable pest control company to exterminate and prevent re-infestation.  The cost of controlling the cockroaches is a bargain when you consider a trip to the doctor or the emergency room to treat an illness once it infects your family.

Please recognize the importance of a maintenance program after the original infestation is eliminated, because if they have invaded your home once, it can re-occur.  Find out where they are coming from, and keep them outside your home.  It is the only way to fully protect your family.

You do not need to identify the variety of cockroach you have, you just need to contact us by phone or e-mail today in order to rid you of the pest.  But if your curiosity is raised, here are the basic differences of this disease carrier. For Escalon roach control click here. Scroll down to bottom of page for more info.


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What Our Customers are saying.

Dan has treated our homes for almost twenty years and we have always been extremely satisfied with the results, service and the price of pest control. Dan and Onstar Pest Control have always been there if we had any problems between service calls.

Ron and Lisa Martin

Dan & Onstar Pest Control have been providing excellent service since 1998. We live in the country and Dan sprays our dog kennels and horse stalls as well as the house. Whenever we have an attack of stink bugs or gnats Dan will be right there to take care of the problem. Onstar is dependable and efficient we recommend them highly.

Bill & Debby Sanguinetti

Onstar Pest Control, Inc. has been spraying my property from the start of the company’s existence, the owner Mr. Dan Eskew is a kind honorable man who stands behind his work. Dan sprays for me every other month and in between sprayings if I see any creepy crawlers I make one phone call and someone is out to my house within a couple of days if not sooner. I honestly cannot think of one complaint, only compliments.
Bottom line is if you are looking for a quality pest control service provider, a company you can trust then Onstar Pest Control, Inc. is the business you have been looking for…

Debbie Haley

Onstar Pest Control is the best around!!! We live in the country and the company we used previously was no match for Onstar. Onstar Pest Control has rid our home completely of spiders and those pesky beetles that seem to be everywhere. They have done a fantastic job at keeping mice away as well. They also do a great job of keeping the wasps around our house at bay, by spraying and knocking down nests. It really helps! Their customer service is unbelievable. Our service tech is honest, dependable, friendly, and always professional. He is also very mindful of our pets. We couldn’t ask for better! Thanks Onstar for making country living even better!!!!

The Soares Family

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Integrated Pest Management

As stated by The University of California at Davis, Integrated Pest Management is a process used to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.”

When you put it that way, aren't you glad that this is the philosophy Onstar uses in treating your pest or vermin infestation. We do not expect you to be the expert on Integrated Pest Management, but we bet you understand the importance of calling in the experts at Onstar. Our knowledgeable and trained staff will take it from there. Contact our pest control experts for more info today.

An Organic Solution for Pest Control

Green pest control solutions

Our company prides itself in offering organic material solutions to rid you of pests and keep them away.

If you have a home with children and pets, the last thing you need is to be using poison where they sleep and play.The first part of any pest control solution is to find the pests, identify them, and use the best & fastest means to control them. Our maintenance programs are designed to keep them gone, for good.

Our Pest Control Solutions for Pests, Rodents, and Insects

A Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  This is a male.  They are used as pets and a lizard food source.  Also used on some Reality shows as an unwanted protein snack.

 We offer a variety of treatment and maintenance plans to help keep your home pest free. We offer monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance plans, one of which is sure to fit in with your budget.


  • The American Cockroach

    This pest is traditionally a reddish-brown color and the adult is usually 2 inches in length. They possess wings but are not very good at flight, using the scurrying motion found so disturbing by homeowners when you turn on a light in the middle of the night and spot them.  They might be found inside your home, in the garage, crawl space or outdoors. They can also be found in the sewer systems which helps explain where they pick up much of the bacteria they can track inside your home.  The sewer system allows them access to drains found within your home, and they frequently enter your home through them.  This large variety of cockroach can be found in food preparation areas, and you can become ill when eating in contaminated restauarants, food trucks or take out places.

  • The German Cockroach

    This is the most common cockroach found indoors.  It usually is a light-brown color, approximately 1/2″ long, and have several darker stripes running the length of their body.  They also have wings, but unlike the American cockroach they do not fly. Typically found in the warmer areas of homes, especially the bathroom and kitchens,  they multiply at an alarming rate and leave egg sacs everywhere.  The female of the species actually carries these egg sacs on her back, which makes the infestation that much more difficult to control.  Let one female survive, and you are back to the beginning.  It is always better to eradicate an infestation before it multiplies and takes over your entire house.

  • If the first two varieties of cockroaches hasn’t thoroughly creeped you out, you are ready for the 3rd variety, the Oriental Cockroach.

    The Oriental Cockroach

    Mid-way in size between the larger American Cockroach and the Smaller German Cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach is approximately 1 -1/4″ long with a dark brown or black body. This variety of cockroach prefers the outdoors, but can be driven inside by the cold, and wind up in any damp areas, including your basement, crawl spaces, drains and wall voids.

This variety of cockroach should be identified and eliminated immediately, as they are accompanied by a noxious odor and called the dirtiest of all varieties. Since you already know how many diseases they can carry, you do not want to tolerate them inside your home.

Regardless of the variety of cockroach invading your home, they all prefer to remain hidden in small, hard to access areas inside or outside your home. They are prolific breeders, and the earlier you eliminate them, the better chance you have to completely eradicate them.

Our Company specializes in several methods of treating your cockroach infestation. The first step is always the inspection of your property by our experienced technicians. When this inspection is done and the cockroach identified, we can then review what your options are for extermination and control. We strongly recommend that you chose a maintenance program to avoid any future re-infestation. Contact us by e-mail or phone for more information.

Cockroach Extermination and Control

We currently specialize in eradication and control of all varieties of cockroaches found in Modesto, Manteca, Oakdale & Turlock, as well as the surrounding counties of San Joaquin and Stanislaus. As outlined above, cockroaches carry diseases harmful to your family.  Since these vermin are known to have existed for at least 300 million years and many believe they would be the only survivors of a nuclear war, it is understandable why they can be so difficult to treat.

Not only must you exterminate them, you must deny them the ability to re-infest your home again. They are the worst sort of vermin, carrying diseases which can be fatal.  They also contaminate your home with feces known to cause allergens and the subsequent asthma that can also be life threatening.  The best plan for any homeowner is to find them, kill them, and keep them out.

Most responsible homeowners are aware of the importance of controlling pests with the least toxic method possible.  Called Integrated Pest Management, it allows for the control of pests while simultaneously reducing any chemical impact on the environment.  The IPM program is offered by our company to help your do your part in securing the safety of your home and your surrounding environs as well.


Onstar Pest Control recognizes the importance of adhering to the very highest standard of knowledge, technology, and professionalism in our dealings with you, our customer. If we fail to give you the best service consistently, and the best maintenance programs available on the market, we will not thrive and grow as a company.

Our professionals are not only trained in the latest techniques, but they pass an intensive security background check before we allow them access to your home or your business. We want you to be assured that your choosing our company is the best decision you can make.


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